Aerial Surveying/ Virtual Tour: Using our professional drone, we can capture aerial 360 virtual tours from as high as 400ft. These aerial 360 scenes provide the perfect starting scene for your tour, showcasing your location like no other media can. Virtual Reality (VR) tours are the latest trend for marketing businesses and destinations. Using the latest aerial (drone) technology and ground-based camera systems we capture high resolution 360 photography to create truly bespoke virtual tour experiences. Using drone technology and remote imaging, we select the best position for each shot based on based on time of day and position of the sun. We then take up to 100 aerial photos from that location and post-processes these using specialist software to create stunning 360° images.



One of the many services that we are proud to be offering is our drone videography service. With the use of multi-rotor drones that are equipped with professional recording devices, we are capable of offering aerial videos that produce remarkable results. For a service that is relatively simple to setup and use, the outcomes are truly amazing. As drone and video technology have improved over the course of time, they are now capable of producing amazing aerial films that are captured in 4k – like the camera that we offer here with our drone services. The fact that there are more gimbals – professional 3-axis stabilization systems – that are about to hit the market means that there are more opportunities to use a wider variety of cameras with the drones. This allows aerial filming companies, like us, to have the ability to swap out different cameras, depending on the type of footage you are looking to capture.


Gain Competitive Advantage

With hundreds of houses on the market, differentiating your listings is incredibly important. A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors shows that only 11% of realtors have hired a professional drone pilot to photograph and film their listings. Yet professional aerial photos and videos are proven to help sell homes faster. This is a great opportunity to grab the competitive advantage in your market. Make a great first impression with aerial photography of your home listing and keep potential buyers viewing your listings longer.


Aerial Video Tells a Story

One of the most captivating experiences is flying in an aircraft. When the plane is taking off everyone is glued to the window, looking down on the earth with a fresh perspective. Everything is surreal and beautiful. Imagine how aerial photography and video will capture the attention of your buyers as they soar across the property, gliding through the landscapes. Our done photography service for realtors helps to make listings stand out. The added beauty and unique perspective that aerial photography and video brings to a home is a must in modern real estate marketing